We’re not selling you a dream,
This is your dream.
Dream big, Dream hard,
Dream until this dream [your dream]
Becomes a reality

high speed, dedicated internet line
lockable office
all utilities included
24 hour building access
optional extra phone lines / internet hardwire
communal kitchen area (free tea and coffee, all day every day & all appliances)
breakout areas
Free meeting room access
free parking
private road (gated access)
top of the range security system (with fob entry)
reception area
exclusive networking event opportunities
20% discount on all four studio spaces
discounted events / event spaces

office size 1: 258 ft² = £800
office size 2: 339 ft² = £1,050
office size 3: 355 ft² = £1,100
office size 4: 516 ft² = £1,600
office size 5: 955 ft² = £2,960