The Journey begins….

The journey to creating our unique Studio and Office district hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.  Seeing the disused warehouse for the first time, it was never hard to imagine how it would function as a Creative hub, Film Studio and office District. The goal was always transforming this dusty, vast space into a playground for Creatives. The Office District was built first and seeing every day go by with more offices going up stirred a great excitement in all of us. Everything just seemed to click and the studio space seemed to make sense.   Imagining how the space would be after months of hard work with like minded people enjoying the space we had created with them in the forefront of our vision.

where un.titled studio began, studio image, disused warehouse

After all those late nights, early mornings, countless sleepless nights it all magically came together. All that hard work seemed like a distant memory.  We always believed in the Studios and Office space, the outcome was clear.  From the start it was never a question of if it was always when.  In other Film Studios and co working spaces we never quite felt like we do here.  A sense of belonging – of ordinary people wanting to do something extraordinary for fellow Creatives.

There is nothing quite like this place in Manchester, the whole idea for the Studio hire to work alongside Offices and co-working space stemmed from this and we saw a real chance to create a beautiful studio / workplace for beautiful projects and people to learn, grow and ultimately create.

office district in Un.titled Studio

A brand that is for Creatives by Creatives housing an intriguing Studio and Office space with opportunity round every corner.  Whether you have hired the Studio space or decide to make this a permanent home amongst the Office Space.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

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un.titled studio offices being built.

office district at Un.titled Studio. Private offices to rent in Manchester


un.titled studio studio one production studio manchester

studio 2 at un.titled studio. infinity curve at un.titled studio